Biomass Supply

EUBCE 2016 Workshop: The World Needs more Land Use Change

Date Jun 2016

Task 43 Publications

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 7, 2016


Workshop Agenda

Bioenergy from agroforestry can lead to improved food security, climate change, soil quality and rural development
N. Sharma, World Agroforestry Centre

Optimizing lignocellulosic cropping systems to achieve multiple benefits
I. Dimitriou, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

GBEP AG6: Good examples of bioenergy-water relationships
Uwe R. Fritsche, INAS

Improved biomass output: Examples, evidence and perspectives
H. Langeveld, Biomass Research; J. Dixon, ACIAR; M.S. Breure, Biomass Research

Approaches to promote landscape management & design: Balancing multiple goals related to environmental & resource management
V. H. Dale, Centre for BioEnergy Sustainability, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Promoting beneficial land-use change: Guiding decisions toward positive outcomes
K.L. Kline, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Realising positive bioenergy development: Practical opportunities
Z. Szabó, Sustainability Consultant