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We explore technical and economic strategies to increase the quantity of biomass available, improve the quality of biomass delivered for different energy purposes, and explore strategies to increase the value and foster confidence in biomass supply for both direct and cascade use of biomass for energy. 

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Bio-hubs as keys to successful biomass supply integration for bioenergy within the bioeconomy

The joint IEA Bioenergy Task 43 and BioEast Initiative workshop in Sopron was well attended with 55 participants from 17 countries, with 64% of participants from the BioEast macro-region and 90% of participants from the EU but reaching as far as to Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Participants had the opportunity to familiarize how different biomass supply chains (forestry, agriculture, SRC) could evolve to bio-hub concepts. In the second part, SWOT analysis of bio-hub as an alternative to the existing biomass supply was evaluated jointly, capturing inputs from 30 workshop attendees using application.

The presentations from the workshop can be viewed here and a final report will be made available in due course.

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