Biomass Supply

Sustainable Landscape Management for Bioenergy and the Bioeconomy

Date Oct 2018

Workshop Documents


00_ Dimitriou_Welcome IEA Bioenergy Task 43

01_1_Dubois_The Energy-Smart Food for People and Climate Programme

01_2_Berndes_WP1 Landscape management and design for bioenergy and the bioeconomy

01_4_FAO_Maltsoglou I_Bioenergy Potential from Crop and Livestock Residues in Egypt and Turkey–through the BEFS RA methodology

01_5_Bentsen_Grass based biorefinery systems producing biofuels-biomaterials-feed

01_6_Kline_Negri_Implementing bioenergy at the landscape level to reduce land use impacts and improve resource use efficiency

01_7_Skeers_Armitage A set of integrated practices a multi-faceted market-led approach to improving food and energy security and adaptation to climate change-Zambia

01_8_FAO-Dubois_Water-energy-food nexus in bioenergy-landscapes

01_9_Bezzi_Biogas done right

02_1_Dale FAO Rome 2018 final

02_2_FAO_Colangeli M_Web-based sustainability assessment tools for Bioenergy projects on underutilized lands in Europe

02_3_ Thiffault et al_Opportunities for making use of unloved wood

BIOEAST Task43 FAO 12_10_2018

Gustav Melin_Grain production and population