Biomass Supply

WP1: Biomass production systems for sustainable bioenergy within the bioeconomy

Even with the significant increase in bioenergy deployment over the past decade, a majority of biomass production for bioenergy still comes as a residue or co-product of other resource production systems like forestry and agriculture. With primary land management decisions being driven by food, fibre and construction material products from the biomass resources, integration of production strategies to increase the quantity, quality and value of biomass for bioenergy or other more recent end uses have not been extensively explored. This will include both moderate but also substantial modifications of current production systems including primary production.

WP1 themes and activities:

  1. Exploration of strategies to integrate innovated biomass crops to leverage and expand existing residue and co-product supply chains;
  2. Explore and improve knowledge on the scale and scope of different biomass crops that can economically service a given bioenergy market/demand.
  3. Develop improved knowledge of the socioeconomic values of biomass crops as a part of a local, regional and national renewable energy strategies.
  4. Explore, in collaboration with other tasks the key drivers of sustainability for biomass crops and supply chains.

Work Package 1 Leader:

Biljana Kulisic

Energy Institute Hrvoje Pozar;
Department for RES, EE and Environmental Protection
Savska 163, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Phone: +385 1 6326169