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Perennial Biomass

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In the last decades much research on perennial biomass crops such as Miscanthus, Short Rotation Coppice, switchgrass, Arundo Donax and Reed Canary Grass has been conducted worldwide. Many producers have also started to experiment with these crops. This has generated a great body of knowledge that is often not readily available. Therefore IEA Task 43 has taken the initiative to develop a website where researchers and producers can share information of perennial biomass crop research and production locations:

The site should provide users (commercial and research) with an efficient tool to access relevant regional specific information on perennial biomass crops. This should benefit research and commercial initiatives by providing efficient access to old and current data and experience from commercial trials which are often not or only partially reported on.

An information sheet containing Instructions for registering and uploading information to the site by IEA members is available. Please click here


You can also contact the developers: (tel: +31-317-480228)